The mission of McLeod Innovation Center at Fairfield Prep is to foster lifelong learners who are agents of change and focused on making the world a better place. The innovation department promotes invention literacy in the spirit of Jesuit education. Invention literacy prepares individuals for a future of rapid change and uncertainty. Students learn to observe the world around them and understand how things work. In turn, they examine ways to improve existing technologies, systems, and ways of thinking.

Our Introduction to Engineering Course fosters students’ collaborative, communicative, design, and creative skills to develop solutions for everyday problems. For example, this year, Prep students’ learned about seismic waves and how to design earthquake-proof buildings to enhance community resilience in face of natural disasters. 

Our computer science courses develop students’ computational, reasoning, and critical thinking skills and nourish their ability to create new technologies and programs for people in our community. For example, this year, Prep students designed a memorial website to commemorate a beloved Prep student and support his family.

All students take a required Innovation course
electives in Innovation

Full 3D-Printing and Laser Cutting Lab

Innovation Classrooms

Full Media Production Studio

E-Sports Lab
0 unit

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